Extra services

Extra services

1)      Customer-specific warehouses

Some of our warehouses are designed according to customer-specific requirements. We even have separate warehouse locations that are only accessible to individual customers to guarantee the confidentiality of the goods.

Contact us about your own warehouse space and let VM Logistics handle all your logistics!

2)      Sorting

Industrial waste collection often entails working with mixed materials and qualities. Over the past 40 years, our employees have accumulated a wealth of experience in materials knowledge. This knowledge enables us to sort materials based on quality upon receipt. That way, VM Logistics is able to deliver unique added value to its customers.

3)      Outbound transport

Gert van Meel (GVM) is standing by to arrange your outbound transport at competitive rates. All you need to do is specify which goods have to be shipped when and Gert van Meel will take all your logistical worries off your hands. Photo-proof and documents are mailed to you after loading.